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Fleabusters®: Kills Fleas

It works and is guaranteed for one year.

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Fleabusters® understands that special bond between you and your pet, and we know that one important way to maintain that bond is to keep your dog or cat free of the discomfort and menace of fleas with our Fleabusters® Rx for Fleas powder. It is a unique alternative to liquid pesticides and foggers. Our flea powder cannot fail as it kills fleas physically rather than chemically, thus, fleas cannot build up an immunity to our product.

Fleabuster® The Process

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Has worked wonders so far and it has only been a week! About to order some more to have around just in case...


Fleabusters® has been around for a long time. It may take up to three or four weeks to completely eradicate your flea infestation but eventually it absolutely does work. For your cheapskates, don't waste your time mixing baking soda with salt - it does not work. Buy the Fleabusters. It's worth it. Don't hesitate to buy this RIGHT NOW!!!


This stuff is AMAZING!!! Application wasn't that bad. Works great. I've only seen two fleas that weren't in good shape since applying almost 2 weeks ago. You do have to vacuum every 2 days though for best results.

J. Ferrall