Fleabusters® is a U.S. based company. All the ingredients used for our products are sourced from within the United States, and are all environmentally friendly.

Fleabusters® is dedicated to helping you eliminate pesky flea problems. Our home flea service treatment offers convenience, value and lasting results -- important considerations when it comes to keeping Rover or Whiskers and your home free of fleas.

Fleabusters® has serviced over 3 million homes over the last 30 years. We proudly stand by our "One Application, No Fleas for One Year".

A woman holding three canisters of flea powder.

One-Year Guarantee

The guarantee ensures the total eradication of fleas in the homes upon application. The fleabusters products ensures the total eradication of fleas in the home for one year. The guarantee is effective for 12 month from the date of purchase, and product replacement if not fully satisfied after 6 weeks of application. Guarantee is voided only if carpeting is shampooed, cleaned or removed.

Fleabusters can take up to six weeks to eliminate a flea infestation.