Rx for Fleas Plus®

"You Have Nothing To Lose But Fleas." Guaranteed For One Year! Let our technicians create a flea-free environment in your home. Our chemical free flea treatment is safe and effective. Services are limited to certain parts of the United States. Please call us to see if there is a technician in your area 1(800)-666-3532.

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The Product

The Fleabusters® process uses a patented powder, Rx for Fleas Plus, to eliminate the fleas from your home. The Fleabusters® powder is registered with both the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and State Agencies.

The Process

The powder is applied to all areas of your home (carpets, cracks and crevices) by a licensed service technician who will ensure a quality application. Depending on the size of your home, the application usually takes between one and two hours to complete.

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How it Works

It acts as a desiccant when any of the microscopic particles of the negatively charged powder come in contact with the larvae, the pupa or the egg. After 2-6 weeks the home is completely free of fleas. Even as pets go outside and bring in new fleas the home will stay protected because the Rx for Fleas Plus® powder remains in the carpets and hardwood crevices.

The Advantages

  • If you have multiple pets in your home Fleabusters® is the most cost effective method of eliminating fleas.
  • If you don't want to place chemicals on your animals, Fleabusters® is the most effective method of eliminating these fleas.
  • Fleabusters® will keep your pets and family members free of fleas for one year GUARANTEED!

Fleabusters® Nematodes

Outdoor Flea Control the Natural Way

It's safe, it's easy and it really works! BioBusters, a revolutionary outdoor flea treatment introduced by Fleabusters®, helps pet owners combat fleas at the common source of the problem -- in their yards.

Instead of using an insecticide, Fleabusters® uses harmless, naturally occurring micro-organisms known as beneficial nematodes (BioBusters) to treat fleas in lawns. Nematodes are actually tiny worms that prey on the larvae of damaging insects, such as fleas. They will not harm people, pets, plants, or earthworms.

Fleabusters® technicians mix Biobusters with water and spray into the lawn, concentrating on areas that your pet frequents. Results show that the nematodes do an excellent job of controlling flea larvae within three to five days of the application.

Experts agree that effective flea control requires a full frontal attack. This means treating the pet's entire environment, both inside the home and in the yard. For more information on how BioBusters can help flea-proof your lawn, Call Fleabusters® today.

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