Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo


Fleabusters Flea Shampoo conditions and leaves your pets coat full and easy to manage. It can be used as often as necessary without drying the skin.

8 oz. Bottle
Prevents Fleas
For Dogs and Cats
Cleans and Conditions your pets coat.


Product Information

Pet Owners Choose Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo... And Here's Why!

One Product Does It All!

  • Prevents Fleas.
  • Cleans and Conditions your pets coat.

Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo Prevents Fleas While Relieving Skin Irritations

  • Surfactants reduce the water and detergent molecules allowing them to penetrate the fleas exoskeleton.

The active ingredients are derived from coconut oil, jojoba and hemp

  • No need to wear protective gloves.
  • You may bathe your pet frequently.
  • Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo gives you peace-of-mind for your pets health.

Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo leaves the pet's coat soft and fluffy.

  • Removes oily dirt from the fur and skin.
  • Lathers easily.
  • Leaves the skin moisturized.
  • Special emollients condition the fur.

Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo leaves your pet smelling great!

  • No medicine smells.
  • No perfume smells.
  • Just a fresh, clean scent.

Use the Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo long after the fleas are gone!

  • One use and you'll agree Fleabusters® Flea Shampoo is great.
  • Finally a flea shampoo good enough to earn the Fleabusters® name.

Shampoo your animal (dog or cat) regularly especially during the flea/tick season. Thoroughly wet the entire haircoat with water and apply enough shampoo to make a lather. Work the lather thoroughly into the haircoat. Start the shampooing process from the neck down. Let stand 10 minutes. Rinse off completely.

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