Flea Control Treatment

Chemical Free Flea Powder For Your Home Kills Fleas For One Year

Fleabusters® Rx for Fleas Plus® Flea Powder

This is the same flea powder Fleabusters has been professionally applying to homes for over twenty years. We have made it available for those of you who prefer to 'do-it-yourself'.
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Pet Owners Choose Fleabusters®...
And Here's Why!

Fleabusters is a Brand Name That's Recognized By Pet Owners and Recommended By Veterinarians

Fleabusters® Unique Borate Powder Has Many Important 'Flea-Killing' Features

Fleabusters Effectiveness Comes With Great Consideration for Safety

Fleabusters Flea Powder Provides More Carpet Area Coverage

The Fleabusters Guarantee is Unequaled in the Industry